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As the largest BUMN in electric power sector since June 1994, PLN was establish as a limited company with the mission of running the electricity business and other linked businesses, with a commitment to satisfy the customers, employees, and shareholders; creating electric power as a media to improve the living quality of people; bringing electric power to be the driver of economy in the country and running an environmentally friendly business. The PLNs motto is Electricity for a better life.




PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (Telkom) is the largest telecommunication and network services provider in Indonesia. Serving millions of customers nationwide, we provide a strong portfolio of information and communication services, including fixed wireline and fixed wireless telephone, mobile cellular, data and internet, and network and interconnection services, directly or through our subsidiaries.

To meet the challenges of the growing demand for seamless connectivity and mobility, we have broadened our business portfolio to encompass TIME telecommunications, information, media and edutainment. By enhancing our infrastructure, deploying Next Generation Network technology and mobilizing synergies across the group, we are enabling and empowering home and business customers by delivering greater quality, speeds, reliability and customer service.




The Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) currently has 171 branch offices which includes; Tax Payment Service Offices; Tax Audit Offices and Tax Central Information Offices (Kantor Penyuluhan Pajak) all over Indonesia.




Directorate of Property Tax has 141 branch offices all over Indonesia to serve public. As part of Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes, Directorate of Property Tax is an NKRI government instrument to distribute all income that comes from property tax for district government



Central Bureau of Statistics is a non-departmental government institution responsible directly to the President. Previously, BPS is the Central Bureau of Statistics. Type of utilization statistics based on objective consists of basic statistics is fully hosted by CBS, which carried out sectoral statistics by Government agencies independently or together with the BPS, as well as specialized statistical held by institutions, organizations, individuals, and or parts of the community either independently or together with BPS.

Connecticut government usually serves as a medium for the government and society, helping statistical activities in the department / agency other pemerintah.institusi, develop and promote standards of engineering and statistical methodologies, as well as develop cooperation with international institutions and other countries for the development of Indonesian statistics.



Founded on October 3, 2000, PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON +) focuses on providing network, services, and telecommunications content, specifically to support the technology and information systems to PT PLN (Persero) and the public. Therefore, the Company held a variety of superior services such as Clear Channel, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), broadband Internet access, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and banking applications.



PT TASPEN (Persero) or "Tabungan dan Asuransi Pensiun" is Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises engaged in the insurance and superannuation pensions of Civil Servants.



HD Finance is a company that is engaged in consumer financing for two-wheeled vehicles.

HD Finance began actively operating since mid 2005, with the number of Branch Office until now there are 18 branch offices, spread across the island of Java and Sumatra.



Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (formerly the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, abbreviated Kemenegkop and SMEs) is a ministry of the Government of Indonesia in charge of the affairs of cooperatives and small and medium enterprises.



Organizers of the social security agency workforce that meets the basic protections for workers as well as being a reliable partner.



PT. PLN (Persero) PUSDIKLAT Manage and organize the management and development to education, training, skills and upgrading (upgrading) including everything associated with it based on the policy established by the General Electric Company Board of Directors of the State.



PT Mitrausaha Gentaniaga who is better known by the name HONDA MUGEN, is an Authorized Honda Dealer or an authorized representative of Honda that was established on 21 November 1991.

As an authorized dealer of Honda, HONDA MUGEN is a company engaged in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, especially cars from Honda, the dealership quality standards, providing original parts, and Honda's unit sales of new vehicles.




The strategic transformation led to our recapitalization in 2011 and several material corporate actions, including our acquisition of a car rental company, MPMRent, and automotive financing company, MPMFinance, in January 2012, the establishment of a new insurance business, MPMInsurance in May 2012, the divestment of four original equipment manufacturer (OEM) related businesses in June 2012 and a significant investment in our motorcycle financing subsidiary, SAF, by JACCS Co. Ltd. (JACCS), a leading consumer credit company in Japan and a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, in December 2012. We pride ourselves for having many of our products and services touch the lives of Indonesian consumers.




Erha is a Strategic Business Unit of Arya Noble which is the forerunner of a business group under the auspices of Arya Noble. Erha Clinic immediately became a pioneer for modern skin health clinics in Indonesia. With the aim to make consumers happy with their skin Indonesia, Erha fokussebagai a business unit engaged in the field of Clinical Dermatology Clinic through Erha network, Erha Skin, Erha Apothecary and a series of OTC products (Over the Counter) Skincare.




The "Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan" (BPK abbreviated) is the state institutions in the state system of Indonesia has the authority and responsibility of checking the management of state finances.